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Horticulture Specific Sales Tools

  • Plant Database Mgr: Current Crop Uploader

    The Current Crop Uploader is phone-friendly website functionality added to your Clarity Console™ Plant Database Manager. This allows you to use your smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet to take current crop pictures and quickly upload them to the appropriate plant SKU (sellable size) on your website

  • Project Plant Lists

    After logging in, your customers can create their own custom plant lists for their landscaping jobs, future orders, or other marketing. 

  • Recommended Orders

    Recommended Orders is new functionality we developed based on requests from growers that sell to Garden Centers. They want to put together a list of recommended plants to create suggested orders for various scenarios.

  • Get Notified When Item is Back in Stock

    Find out who is interested in purchasing an item currently out of stock so you can better plan order replenishment.

  • Plant Pre-Book Ordering

    Help smooth your production planning and improve customer service with the GWS plant pre-book ordering system.