Creative Marketing & Business Presentations with Practical & Implementable Action Items

Timothy Presents....

From small gatherings to large audiences, I have presented to people with extensive technical backgrounds to those who think a flip phone is 'cool, new technology'. I promise not to drone on and on and will engage the audience with questions and the occasional barb and humor (at least in my mind).

Over the years I have spoken at many shows and conferences including ANLA Management Clinic, IPPS Regional Conferences, CENTS, Green & Growin', FarWest, Wintergreen, Landscape Ontario, Cultivate, InvigorateU from the IL Green Industry Association and more. 

In addition to presentations, I also write occasionally for trade publications like Garden Center Magazine.

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Not a Sales Pitch!

It’s not uncommon after my presentations that people don’t even know that I have a company that offers products and/or services related to my presentation. I have attended presentations that was a glorified sales pitch. That is so frustrating and a waste of time.

Standard Topics...

If you have a particular marketing or technology topic you would like covered, please let me know,, and I'll let you know if I can do it justice.

Customized Presentations

Whenever possible, I will customize the presentation to your specific audience.  I encourage you to send attendees my e-mail address so they can send me questions or comments in advance so I can incorporate their needs into the presentation (assuming it makes sense for the broader audience).

Speaking Fees

You get me for the day for $750 to $1,000 plus actual travel expenses (I live in Raleigh and Southwest Airlines serves our market so I can get to most places fairly economically).  I can certainly present more than one topic in a day but would need 30 to 60 minutes between sessions so I can meet with people after a presentation to address any questions they have that they were not able to ask during the presentation. The break will also give me time to set up for the next presentation.

Please schedule a time to discuss additional topics and/or to iron out logistics.